Against All Odds - Press Release 2004

Against All Odds - Press Release 2004

Yussef Ahmed (formally Muhammad Yusuf) came to the musical stage in 1991, with the Young Gifted and Black tour that was organised by the London based agency The A&C Music Circuit. From there Yussef was able to develop his unique style of Poetry And Music that makes him accessible to a wider audience.

Throughout 1990’s Yussef preformed extensively throughout the U.K. and Europe, appearing on stage with the likes of Benjamin Zephaniah & Jazz Jamaica.

In 2001, Yussef Ahmed formed his own label ‘Hilal On Wax’ and began recording his own material, the first of his self produced CDs was entitled ‘Love of life’ (the reissued edition will be available in the summer of 2004).

To coincide with Yussef Ahmed and his band MY5.0 national tour, his second Album ‘Against All Odds’ will become available in June 2004. Against All Odds, features 12 superb tracks with a total play time of nearly an hour.

The album blends together a wide range of Poetic & Musical genres juxtaposing Dub poetry, Rapso, Jazz poetry and other alternatives rooted in the oral tradition. Along with his band MY5.0, Yussef collaborated with the likes of Helen McDonald (Jazz vocalist), Mark Lockett (Grand Piano), Madflow (Human beat box) & Usama Dafaalla (Turn tables).

According to Yussef Ahmed, 'we make music to keep your feet moving and your mind working, hence there will always be meaningful lyrics copulated with organic grooves from the soul of the Diaspora'.

Can u see the sorrow?
can u see the pain?
can u see my children
dancing in the rain?
I've never seen
anything like this before
everyone’s grooving
in the middle of a war.

(Excerpt from 'Secret Wives Of Dance' from the album Against All Odds).

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