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Q) What is Yussef Ahmed about?
I was born in London to Trinidadian parents but spent my formative years in Port Of Spain Trinidad
Before returning back to the UK at 17 years old and have travelled extensively ever since.

Q) What do you love most about what you do?
I like working on poetical and musical ideas, mostly coming up with melodies and then booking the studio in which to develop my ideas further. I also like performing my work and engaging with the audience.

Q) Your music was featured in an award winning documentary by the Hal Aqah Press entitled ’500 Years Later’. How did this come about? Your music also feature on the BBC programme ‘Points of View’. How did this come about?
In 2004 I released an album entitled ”Against All Odds’ and it was well received in fact we were quite busy that year on the road performing at Art Centres and Festivals. The track ‘I Tried 2 Luv U’ was featured on the award winning documentary ’500 Years Later’ and another track from the album ‘Points Of View’ was featured on the BBC program Points Of View.  However I did not know about these tracks being used until I was informed by a fellow musician, nevertheless I was honoured that they were used because my work was being appreciated.

Q) What comes’ first Music or Poetry?
I see them all as one because it all derives from Self Expression. In fact I’m currently writing a track entitled ‘Just Can’t Stop’. And in the second verse I recited; ‘Poetry is Music and Music is Poetry together they will Live harmony ‘.
Poetry music and dance are different art forms but they are all part of the tradition of self-expression.

Q) What advice would you give to new poets or songwriters?
You must have the love and the passion for what you do because it’s not an overnight sensation, it’s for those who can endure, but most of all you have to find your own voice or should I say find your own fig tree.


Q) What are the 5 most recent songs you downloaded?
•    George Harrison “Grey Clouds lies”
•    David Rudder “Behind The Bridge”
•    The Meters “Hey Pocky A-Way”
•    Mavis Staples “Down in Mississippi”
•    Mzwakhe Mbuli  “Ngenxa Yothando”

Q) Who is your biggest inspiration?
The Creator and his Creation.

Q) What type of music inspires you?
It’s difficult to answer this question because I have been inspired by so many different musical genres, like Calypso, Reggae, Salsa and Soul music just to name a few.

Q) What type of poetry inspires you?
I am very much into Haiku, especially the English Haiku because you can say all you need to say in three lines. Also I am influenced by the 13th century Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi.

Q) Your album ‘Circles’ is due for release in the UK in June. Is there a story to the album? If so what it is?
The story is people are running around in a secular world losing sight of their vision. It’s about self-discovery and the realisation that there is an ultimate truth.

Q) What are you favourite tracks on the album?
The Weather Man, This Train, Remember Lumumba and Circles (Radio edit).

Q) Apart from the album what else can we expect from Yussef Ahmed in 2013?
You can expect the release of another on line single, music video, the launch of my new web-site and also I will be working on new material.

Quick fire questions

Q) When is the best time to listen to your music?
Whenever you have the time and space to absorb the meaningful lyrics and grooves that would keep your feet moving.

Q) What was the first record you ever brought?
I can’t remember but I think it could have been Jermaine Jacksons’ first solo album on the Motown label.

Q) What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
One of the wildest things I’ve ever done was in my late teens I travelled around Europe on Transalpino intercontinental rail without having any places to stay or money to buy food.

Finish these sentences…..
You never leave home without… A mobile phone and informing your other half of your whereabouts
The future is…. What you make it.
In 2013 I will… Continue my musical and poetical quest of expression and development.

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