Totally Live Press Release 2009

Press Release… Press Release… Totally Live Press Release… Press Release…

Yussef Ahmedis a poet, Musician and cultural activist who has been on the cutting edge of literature & Music bridging the gap and making the art form more accessible to a wider audience.

Yussef Ahmedand his band are particularly proud of this album

‘Totally Live’because they have more or less achieved what they set out to accomplish.‘Totally Live’is their first live album and it was performed in front of a wonderful audience @ the Mole Club in the City of Bath in the winter of 2008.


All the songs that are features on this live album had been previously recorded in a studio setting from 2001 – 2006.During this periodYussefcompleted three full length albums, ‘Love of Life’, ‘Against All Odds’ and ‘Rejuvenation’.


With this live recording the aim is to really showcaseYussef Ahmedis very much a live act, who in many ways enjoys sharing the good vibes which is the essence of communicating through the vessels of word & sound.


‘Totally Live’is a celebration of life, this is how music should be without boarders strictly organic and without additives. This is a far cry from these sterile studios with overdubs and all the computerized music.


Yussef Ahmed& his band will now like to welcome you to this live musical experience, with poignant parables of life’s cultural emotional, spiritual, social and political realities.As we mere mortals journey from the here before to the here now and finally the here after.

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