Rejuvenation Press Release 2006

Rejuvenation - Press Release 2006

Yussef Ahmed is a poet, musician and cultural activist who has been on the cutting edge of literature & music. Bridging the gap and making the art form more accessible to a wider audience.

His nation wide performances have been varied with headline performances at various clubs, art centres and out door events such as Cheltenham Literature festival and Leeds jazz festival.

Yussef's poem 'For No One' and lyrics on 'New World' has been recorded by the widely acclaimed Zap Mama.

Yussef has produced three full length albums, 'Love Of Life' (2001) and 'Against All Odds' (2004) and his most recent 'Rejuvenation' (2006) on the Hilal On Wax label has been co-produced by Paul Brook who has worked with the likes of Coldcut.

'Rejuvenation' contains 12 time capsules exploring the themes of life and its strife from 'Count Down' there is 'Troubles In This World' as we all have to 'Struggle'. Yussef stays 'Poetically Correct' keeping his poetic teams sane and not profane; hence we need 'Rejuvenation' in order to have 'Easy Loving'.

With 'Prelude To Dreams', we can focus on our 'Aboriginal Dreams' and go a thousand miles just to see a foreign smile on 'Travel On' so that we can 'Rise Up' above all the anger and pain to rock the colonial order. 'What More Can A Poet Say' when we have 'Summer Rain'.

'Rejuvenation' opens up more poetic and musical realities in each time capsule, grooving with the leaps and bounds from the master of spoken graphics.

Quote: 'A poet and lyricist with a rare gift for satire and celebration'. (National poetry secretariat)

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